Software & System Engineer (VR)


Software & System Engineer (VR)

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Want to make the world a safer place through VR Technology? Then read along…

Over de functie

We are currently working on a training environment in which an operator can control a scenario in a simulated world. This allows the operator to train new users on the TACTICOS product. To achieve this we need to connect TACTICOS to a very large and complex software suite that can simulate military scenarios (called MAK Technologies). We are looking for someone with affinity for different aspects of simulations, is willing to understand the various MAK products embedded in the architecture, that will act as a technical point of contact towards the supplier, that can connect these systems to our stack using C++, Lua scripts, (Java) and that will manage the generation of VR video streams. Ideally you also have affinity with non-functional aspects like video performance and latency improvements. In this role you need to be able to write code (mostly C++ and some Java), setup a system architecture that enables future extensions and improvements of the product, and work together with multidisciplinary and self-organizing Agile teams. You will work with the following tools and techniques:

  • MAK Technologies
  • C++, Python, Lua scripting
  • Video generation in a simulated world (CUDA)
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Jenkins, Nexus, GIT, BitBucket, IntelliJ, CLion
  • Maven/Gradle, cmake, makefiles
  • Unit Testing, Test Automation, Cucumber
  • Java software development (is a pré)

The main tasks are:

  • Analyzing functional problems;
  • Understand and share obtained knowledge on MAK products
  • Act as a point of contact for technical issues towards MAK
  • Build a solution using C++ MAK plugin(s) to stream multiple parallel video streams
  • Come up with smart performance and latency related improvements
  • As we work with pre-release versions of the MAK software we have limited documentation and therefore exploratory coding is required.
  • Contributing to Objective/Epic/Story refinements so that everybody in the team knows what the application is supposed to do, what constraints
  • they need to account for in their software design and that our test engineers can define appropriate test cases.

Thales offers careers, not just jobs. You will have the opportunity to develop towards an expert in your area of expertise such as Tech Leads, Software

Architects or Specialists. Or if you are an excellent organizer, you may find that in a career path of Product Owner or Team Manager.

Over de organisatie

We make a hardware and software solution called the TACTICOS Combat Management System. TACTICOS can be considered the brain onboard naval vessels, ranging from frigates, destroyers and small patrol crafts. The information from sensors (radar, sonar for example) is collected within TACTICOS, which then provides an overview of all that’s happening around the ship allowing operators to get a good situational awareness and to respond as needed with connected effectors (weapons or electronic counter measures for example). Missions on board these vessels range from humanitarian assistance during earthquakes, combatting piracy and drug smuggling, military engagements and more. TACTICOS technology is used on board more than 160 ships operated by 25 navies worldwide.

Wie ben jij

  • Is passionate about wanting to contribute to a safe and secure society.
  • Has 5+ years’ work experience within a software engineering environment.
  • Loves complicated technology and is capable of rapidly mastering new domains and techniques.
  • Can communicate really well with colleagues, is creative, open, flexible, and has a learning mindset.
  • Is willing to assist others when needed.
  • Has graduated at Bachelor or Master level in the area of software engineering, information/computer science or similar with a talent for C++.
  • Preferably has Dutch, Australian, Belgium, Canadian, Danish, English, German, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish or American nationality

Wat bieden we je

  • A challenging job in a great team within our high-tech, innovative work environment. Room for personal and professional growth within our
  • organisation, for example in regards to technical, commercial or international skills;
  • Valuable international collaboration with coworkers from 68 different countries around the globe;
  • A comfortable work space in a modern environment, with a focus on flexibility and the right work life balance;
  • Thales utilizes a hybrid way of working, meaning that you can decide together with your team where and how you are going to work together.
  • A good salary, fitting travel allowance, and the ability to personalise your employment conditions;
  • 40 days Paid Time Off per year. Yes, really.


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